beGateway by eComCharge LLC
beGateway is white label payment gateway software for payment service providers and acquiring banks to use under their own brand. Certified according to PCI DSS Level 1.
Feature Set
How does it work
The electronic payment processor gets a branded full-featured processing system with administrator access to the processing system control center, documentation (API) for the processor clients, as well as copies of documents certified by PCI DSS Level 1. System language: Russian and English.
Quick technical business launch
1 month is all we need to launch commercial operation of your payment service.
Functionality improvement for your business
For a fee, eComCharge will develop the needed functionality for the payment service providers and acquirer
Capacity of 200 transactions per second
535,680,000 transactions per month. If necessary, we can scale up to 1000 transactions per second (2 678 400 000 transactions per month)
System stability at 99.99%
Components reservation by the formula N + 1